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Social Analytics give you insights on your growth, engagement and demographics. To access Social Analytics click on Social Media > Analytics from the top menu. On your left panel you can toggle between the accounts to access the analytics for each channel.

  • Facebook analytics pulls information such as page likes, impressions, engagement and stories. Other details such as demographic breakdown and geo-location are also displayed for the chosen time range.
  • Twitter analytics displays the follower’s growth for a particular time range as well as the number of mentions, likes and retweets. Note that due to Twitter’s limited API most of the data should be accumulated moving forward from the day you connect your profile to your dashboard.
  • Linkedin analytics shows the number of company page followers for the chosen time range as well as geo-location of the followers.
  • Instagram analytics gives you a snapshot of your account’s followers, following and summary of media.
  • Pinterest analytics pulls a summary of your account’s followers, board and performance of the pins.
  • Google analytics pulls real time data from your Google Analytics account for a chosen website. You can switch between websites to change the report.

Social Clicks

To view the CTR of your posts scheduled through your account you must use the URL link tracker when composing your posts. Social Clicks are accessible under the Analytics tab for each account as well as an aggregate of all posts under Social Media > Social Clicks tab on the top. Below is a quick summary of the Clicks report:

  • Select your social account from the left sidebar.
  • A list of the URLs used will be displayed.
  • You can sort the URLs by the latest or by the number of clicks.

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