How to automate Google retargeting ads via hekadoc?

Brandon Huskins

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Syncing your contacts to Google Adwords custom audience allows you to create more personalized experiences for your leads by retargeting them with relevant ads based on their customer journey ‘s stage.

There are two main steps to achieve this:

  1. Create a custom audience on Google Adwords.
  2. Create an automation for Google Adwords retargeting ads on hekadoc.

How to create a custom audience on Google Adwords?

Visit your Audience Manager:

Download the sample CSV provided by Google Adwords and format it with one sample contact such as your own email:

Complete the additional options then click Upload :

You will get this confirmation message if your sample file was correct:

Automation for Google Adwords retargeting Ads:

Make sure to connect the Adwords account to hekadoc:

Create an automation and add the Sync to Third Party on hekadoc:

Choose the Google Adwords account and the Target Audience:

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