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To access General Settings of your account, click on the profile icon in the top right, and select Settings. You will be able to edit the following details:


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General Information:
• General Settings: In this section, you can add your personal information: First Name, Last Name, Website, Timezone, Site Language, Default Currency, and upload your Logo.

• Company Details: In this section, you can add your Company Name, Company Phone, Address 1, Address 2, Country, City, Zip Code, and VAT
Security & Login: This option allows you to change your password.

Domain Sender Verification
Website Tracking Code
Landing Page Domains

Default Sending Values: Set up the default Reply To, From Email and From Name, as well as choosing to prevent automatic replies to your campaigns.
Shortcodes: Updating Shortcodes that you use within your email campaigns or landing pages can also be done through general settings. You can input the address to be used with the [ADDRESS] Shortcode. In addition, this is where you can edit the Shortcode rendering values for the unsubscribe link. You can also input your social media channels URLs in here to be called in the future automatically when you use social media icons.

Contacts Tags

Calendar Settings

Users (adding team members)

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